June 19, 2024

15 Most Popular Gospel Music Videos of All Time

15 Most Popular Gospel Music Videos of All Time

As any gospel music fan knows, there’s nothing like a good gospel song to lift your spirits. And while it might not be the most popular genre of music on YouTube, gospel music videos are definitely some of the most popular. So in this article, we’re going to take a look at the 15 most popular gospel music videos of all time.

Some of these videos have been viewed over 1 billion times and they include classics like “I’ll Fly Away” by The Southern Gospel Singers and “Amazing Grace” by Bob Marley & The Wailers. There’s something for everyone here, so whether you’re a fan of the old-school southern gospel or modern pop/R&B crossover gospel, you’re sure to find a video that appeals to you on this list. Let’s dive in!

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The gospel music genre has been around for centuries and there are countless songs that have come from this genre. Whether you’re a religious person or not, these gospel music videos can be very entertaining to watch. Here are 15 of the most popular gospel music videos of all time.


1. “I Believe” by Whitney Houston

This song was first recorded in 1984 by CeCe Winans and was later covered by Whitney Houston in 1998. It has since become one of her most popular songs and has been seen as a religious anthem.


2. “How Great Thou Art” by Led Zeppelin

This song was written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant and was released in 1971. It has been seen as one of the greatest rock songs of all time and is often played at religious ceremonies.


3. “I Will Follow Him” by Jesus Christ Superstar

This song was written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber and was originally performed in 1970. It has since become one of the most popular gospel songs ever written and is often sung at religious ceremonies worldwide.


4. “Amazing Grace” by John Newton

This song was originally published in 1779 and has been covered many times over the years, including by John Newton in 1785. It is often thought to be an anthem for freedom and forgiveness and is often sung at funerals or other ceremonies where people are grieving.


5. “How Great Thou Art” (Worship Version)

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For religious music lovers, there are few things more gratifying than finding a great gospel song on YouTube. Whether it’s a recent release or an older favorite, these 15 gospel music videos are sure to make your day.


“God is Good” – Michael W. Smith

This track from Michael W. Smith’s 2002 album Celebration features some of the biggest names in Christian music, including Howard Dean and Tricia Nixon Cox. It’s been viewed over 3 million times on YouTube alone.

“How Great Thou Art” – The Voice Kids

This popular performance from The Voice Kids Season 10 finale was voted by viewers as the number one gospel song of all time. Featuring performances by Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez, it has been watched over 40 million times on YouTube.

“I Believe (In You)” – Lee Greenwood

This 1989 hit from Lee Greenwood is still beloved by gospel listeners today. Originally released as a single from his album If I Should Lose You, it has been covered by artists like Sheryl Crow and Michael W. Smith and has been watched over 100 million times on YouTube.

“I’ll Fly Away” – The Stanley Brothers

This 1961 classic was recorded by the Stanley Brothers and has been performed by countless gospel groups since then. It’s often used at funerals or memorials and has been viewed over 4 million times on YouTube.

“Jesus Loves Me (That’s Why I’m Going To Hell)” –

The gospel music industry has seen a huge growth in recent years, with the popularity of gospel music videos on YouTube continuing to grow.

This growth can be attributed to the increasing number of people who are interested in religious music, and the fact that gospel music is now more accessible than ever before.


There are a number of reasons why gospel music videos are so popular on YouTube. First of all, they offer a unique perspective on religious music. Gospel music videos often feature live performances, which allow viewers to see the emotion and energy that goes into this type of music.


Second, gospel music videos tend to be very uplifting and positive. This is especially appealing to viewers who are looking for something positive and inspiring in their lives.


Finally, many gospel music videos feature amazing production values and visuals. This makes them even more enjoyable to watch and helps to ensure that they remain popular on YouTube for years to come.

These videos have become some of the most popular on the platform, with many people watching them for entertainment or to learn more about the gospel music genre.


Gospel music has been around for centuries, with its origins dating back to the African-American spirituals of the slave era. The genre has since evolved into a popular form of music that is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.


YouTube has become a popular platform for gospel music videos, with many people using the site to watch or share clips of their favorite songs. These videos have become some of the most popular on the platform, with many people watching them for entertainment or to learn more about the gospel music genre.


Gospel music videos can be found on YouTube by searching for keywords such as “gospel music,” “gospel song,” or “gospel singer.” There are also several channels dedicated to sharing gospel music videos, such as Gospel Music TV and Gospel Music Channel.

Some of the most popular gospel music videos include songs by groups like Hillsong United and Third Day, as well as solo artists like Tauren Wells and Kim Burrell.


These videos are not only popular with Christians, but also with people of other faiths who appreciate the messages and the music. The songs often have a positive message that can inspire people to change their lives for the better.


The gospel music industry has seen a resurgence in recent years, thanks in part to the popularity of these videos. More and more people are exposed to this genre of music and are finding comfort and inspiration in the words and melodies.

The variety of gospel music being performed on YouTube is also a major factor in its popularity, with videos covering a range of styles and genres.


There are videos of traditional gospel choirs singing hymns and spirituals, as well as more modern groups performing contemporary Christian music. There are also solo performers and bands playing a mix of gospel, blues, soul, and R&B. And while some artists make religious or spiritual themes central to their music, others simply use gospel-influenced sounds to create secular songs.


This variety means that there is something for everyone on YouTube, whether you’re looking for something to lift your spirits or just want to tap your feet along to some great music. And with new videos being added all the time, there’s always something new to discover.

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The gospel music genre is a popular choice for worshipers of all faiths and denominations. The focus music youtube channel is a great resource for finding gospel music videos that will inspire and challenge you to live a life of meaning and purpose.


1. “Amazing Grace” by Willie Nelson and Mary J. Blige

2. “How Great Thou Art” by John Newton

3. “In the Garden” by Chris Tomlin

4. “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” by Alison Krauss with Union Station

5. “Holy Holy Holy” by Matthew West

6. “I Want to Take You Home” by Natalie Grant

7. “How Great Is Our God” by Paul Baloche

8. “Shout to the Lord (Jesus Loves Me)” by Keith Green

9. “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” by Kirk Franklin

10. “I Need You Now” by Michael W. Smith

11. “Go Tell It on the Mountain” by James Brown and The Famous Flames

12.” Wonderful Day” by David Crowder Band

13.” Amazing Grace (Instrumental)” by Charlie Peacock

14.” I’ll Fly Away” by Karen Fairclough with The Newsboys

15.” All That I Need (featuring Tasha Cobbs) [Gospel Version]” by Tasha Cobbs

Christian viewers can find information about the songs and artists featured in these videos, as well as tips and advice on how to enjoy gospel music themselves.


Many people enjoy gospel music because of its upbeat tempo and positive message. The genre has a rich history, dating back to the 18th century, when African-American slaves first began singing spirituals.


Today, gospel music is enjoyed by people of all races and religions. It remains popular in churches and is often used as a tool for evangelism. There are many different styles of gospel music, from traditional hymns to contemporary pop songs.


Whether you’re a longtime fan of gospel music or just getting started, these videos will help you appreciate this important genre even more.