June 19, 2024

10 Artists You Should be Listening To on YouTube Right Now

10 Artists You Should be Listening To on YouTube Right Now

YouTube is a great resource for finding new music, and there are plenty of talented artists who you should be listening to on the website right now. Here are 10 of the most exciting artists that you should check out:

1. SZA
SZA is an up-and-coming singer who has already been praised by industry veterans for her exceptional vocal abilities. Her music is soulful and emotional, and she has a unique voice that deserves to be heard.
2. Khalid
Khalid has quickly become one of the most popular young singers in the music industry, thanks to his catchy melodies and powerful vocals. His music is reflective of current trends in pop music, and he always puts a personal touch on his work.
3. Royal Blood
Royal Blood is a rock band formed in London in 2015 by former members of The Cure and The Smiths. Their debut album received rave reviews, and their energetic live performances are sure to please fans of hard rock music.
4. Lorde
Lorde is an Academy Award-winning singer and songwriter who first came to prominence with her hit song “Royals”. Her music ranges from pop to alternative rock, and her lyrical content is often inspired by personal experiences.
ABBA was one of the most successful Swedish pop groups ever, with hits like “Dancing Queen” and “Waterloo” dominating the charts for decades. Their trademark style –

meditation music on youtube

Meditation music can be a great way to relax and focus, especially if you’re looking for some background noise while you work. If you’re new to meditation, or just want to explore some different types of music, here are 10 artists you should be listening to on YouTube right now.


1. Tara Brach


Tara Brach is a teacher and author who has published books on meditation and mindfulness. Her music is soothing, rhythmic, and centered around the use of chant and prayer.


2. Steven Halpern


Steven Halpern is a musician and meditation teacher who has released several albums focused on the practice of mindfulness. His music is often meditative and calming, with a light touch that makes it easy to relax into your thoughts.


3. Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn is a famed physician and meditation teacher who founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. His music reflects his teachings, blending eastern sounds with modern beats to create an immersive experience that can help you focus and relax.


4. Daniel Merriweather


Daniel Merriweather is a musician, yogi, and meditation teacher who has released several albums focused on the practice of meditation. His music is upbeat but relaxing, with gentle beats that will help you focus on your breath and relax your mind.


5. Matthieu Ricard


Matthieu Ricard

meditation music on youtube

If you’re looking for some mind-blowing meditation music to help you relax and de-stress, then you should definitely check out some of these artists on YouTube. Whether you prefer calming classical pieces or upbeat contemporary tracks, there’s sure to be something here that will fit your needs.


1. Gaia – This British musician creates beautiful ambient music that is perfect for relaxing moods. Her tracks are gentle and calming, perfect for inducing a state of relaxation and peace.


2. Starseed Pilgrim – This artist is known for her uplifting trance music, which is perfect for clearing your mind and exploring new thoughts. Some of her tracks are meditative in nature, while others are more upbeat and inspirational. Either way, they’re all sure to help you get centered and relaxed.


3. Richie Hawtin – This techno pioneer is known for his dark and mysterious tracks, which can help you focus and relax your mind. His songs are often inspired by Eastern sounds and vibrations, which can help promote deep inner reflection and calmness.


4. Carl Sagan – If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream but still mind-blowing, then you should definitely check out Carl Sagan’s work. His songs are often full of stunning visuals that will take you on an amazing journey into space and time.


5. John Williams – This legendary composer is known for his stirring scores that can evoke powerful emotions in listeners. His

most viewed nonmusic youtube video

With the internet constantly evolving, the way we consume music has too. Gone are the days when we have to go to a physical store and purchase an album. Now, we can listen to music anywhere, anytime, courtesy of our favorite streaming platforms.


Below are 10 artists you should be listening to on YouTube right now. They’re all diverse and bring something new to the table, so give them a shot and see what you think.


1. The Paper Kites


The Paper Kites are a band from Melbourne, Australia that blends indie rock with elements of folk and electronica. Their sound is unique and catchy, making them one of the most popular non-music YouTube channels on the platform.


2. Odesza


Odesza is an American duo consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Bluhm. They produce EDM that is based on dubstep but incorporates other genres such as house, ambient, and electronica. Their videos are visually stunning and their songs are incredibly relaxing and enjoyable to listen to.


3. Lewis Capaldi


Lewis Capaldi is a Scottish singer-songwriter who has been blowing up lately thanks to his single “Electric Love”. His soulful vocals and acoustic guitar skills make him a must-watch for any music lover.